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Meet your all-in-one smart driving assistant

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What is Co-pilot?

Bluebox Co-pilot™ is a Linux-powered smart dashcam that currently comes with four apps that add peace of mind, convenience, and up to $15k in extra savings for working drivers.

Our hardware integrates with any vehicle manufactured after 1996 & gets continuous software updates for new features such as mask detection & self-driving.

Customize Co-pilot for your drive

Co-pilot enables a diverse set of powerful software modules for your car that replace existing automotive gadgets.


Co-pilot comes in two versions: Lite and AI

For drivers who only need the core modules, the Lite version is a great value, while the AI version is for drivers who want the full Co-pilot experience.

Co-pilot Lite version.

Co-pilot Lite

$179 $134*

Co-pilot AI version.

Co-pilot AI

$319 $240*

*For KS super early backers

Privacy is our priority

Co-pilot comes with a privacy switch so you can control what’s recorded — and what’s not.

Personal Co-pilot in all your drives

Co-Pilot comes with four apps that add peace of mind, convenience, and savings all throughout your drives

Interior and exterior views from the Co-pilot dashcam.

Add peace of mind to your
drives with Dashcam

Co-Pilot comes with the easiest to use dashcam with wide-angle HD interior and exterior views, night vision, and loop-recording.

Never lose out on tax deductions
with Milesaver

With the OBD port that plugs into your car, Co-Pilot automatically logs your odometer to find up to $15k deductions not tracked in your 1099.

Woman holding phone with
Man holding phone with

Get one-tap engine checks
with Blue Mechanic

Co-Pilot diagnoses your check engine light for free, without a costly visit to the mechanic.

Have a 24/7 security guard
with Securitycam*

Rest easy when you’re away from your car with our always on optional vehicle security cloud service.  Get a livestream and notification if someone hits your car or breaks in.


Join our community of dedicated drivers!

We’re a small, grassroots company working to help our fellow drivers.  Become a member of our community by signing up and sharing the Co-pilot with other drivers. 

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